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Friday, April 20, 2012

Why is Health and Wellness the Next Trillion Dollar Industry?

As many of you have seen for yourself, Americans are on a trend of getting fatter and fatter each year. Some of the reasons for this are:
  •        Processed Food
  •        Fast Food
  •        Lack of Exercise
  •        Laziness
  •        Stress
  •        Lack of fresh fruits and veggies
If you walk into the grocery store and look at what people are putting in their carts, you will see a majority of it is taken from the shelves, and not the produce section. You can get almost anything in processed form these days. Many of the canned and packaged food have already lost a lot of their health benefits and nutrients, if they even had any to begin with. Along with the poor shopping at the grocery store, a lot of Americans decide that they don't have time, or don't feel like cooking so they look for the golden arches or some other fast food joint. I mean, we all have our little splurges, but I know that some people out there have more of these than others. This is just laziness if you ask me. It takes time and dedication to give your body the nutrients it needs, and even when you are eating a healthy, well balanced diet, your body still isn't getting all the vitamins it needs. Multivitamins are not just a bonus to your diet, they need to become a routine. I highly recommend a book called "The comparative guide to nutritional suppliments." Before wasting money on multivitamins that don't even get absorbed into your body, check out this guide and make an informed decision.

You may ask what are the benefits to taking multivitamins. Other than the obvious which is giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals it required, you are also loading yourself up with anti-oxidants. The quick explanation of anti-oxidants is that they pair up with damaged cells that need pairing, turning them back into normal cells instead of damaged cells. They then replicate as normal cells. If you leave them as damaged cells, they will still replicate, but they will replicate damaged which is exactly what you DON'T want happening because that is essentially what causes cancer, and all sorts of degenerative diseases.

So, due to the reasons stated above, and many many more, you may now be able to see why Health and Wellness is going to be the next Trillion Dollar industry. Just think of all the baby boomers who are going to be extremely health concious in their older years. Health is the number one expense as we grow older. The unhealthy habits of Americans are going to catch up with them, and they will be looking at ways to improve their health and well being. I highly recommend to take action now and get involved with the Health and Wellness Industry.


Heather Woods said...

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Angie W. said...

I never knew that about the damaged cells replicating the damaged cells. That is very interesting to know and makes me want to take a multi vitamin so I can repair my cell to help make me healthy.

Chris Hayden said...

Processed food is killing people, I mean, not literally, but just general speaking. Perhaps people are not realizing the bad effects they can have on their health, but when they do realize, I fear, it may be too late. I don't understand why they cant just go for things natural, why do they have to be lazy and go for stuff that don't need a lot of time to cook. I mean, come on, your health comes first. Don't be so lazy. Do you really like your children getting fatter and fatter, they will blast one fine morning. And yes, multivitamins come to some sort of rescue here. Take them regularly, and as per prescribed, don't try to decide when to take them, leave that for the expert to do.