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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Los Angeles Star AC Green Joins Isagenix

Los Angeles and former Phoenix Suns NBA star AC Green Joins Isagenix. Why do more and more professional athletes choose Isagenix more than any other company? You too came become an Isagenix Athlete and share your story! more information to follow.
AC Green’s 16-year NBA career included 3 1/2 seasons with the Suns (1993-96). Green won three championships and was a 1990 All-Star with the Lakers. His 1,278 career games rank 15th in NBA history, including a record 1,192 consecutively.
Now AC Green continues work with the A.C. Green Youth Foundation, which began in 1989 and has maintained a focus on sexual-abstinence education and other character issues. Green is a youth mentor, author, speaker and businessman, with Denny’s restaurants and a Hyundai dealership. He married in 2002.

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