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Sunday, April 22, 2012

During Weight Loss, More Dairy Protein and Calcium Helps Strengthen Women's Bones

Study shows exercise combined with more dairy protein and calcium strengthens women's bones during weight loss
Young women hoping to lose weight with typical dieting may unknowingly wreak havoc on their bones in a way that could affect them for a lifetime. But new research shows eating more dairy foods rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D can keep bones stronger while shedding pounds and inches.
Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario found that young women on a weight-loss plan who ate higher amounts of dairy-based protein (whey and casein), calcium, and vitamin D improved markers of bone turnover.
“Our data provide a good rationale to recommend consumption of dairy foods to aid in high quality weight loss, which we define as loss of fat as opposed to muscle, and the promotion of bone health in young women who are at the age when achieving and maintaining peak bone mass is of great importance,” said Stuart Phillips, PhD, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and senior author of the study, in a press release.
The controlled trial, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, randomized 90 women (ages 19 to 45) considered overweight or obese to one of three groups: high-protein and high-dairy, adequate protein and medium dairy, and adequate protein and low dairy. For 16 weeks, the women consumed a diet restricted in calories (about 500 calories less than needed to maintain their weight) and took part in daily exercise either in the form of aerobic or resistance training.
At the end of the trial, the women consuming higher amounts of dairy foods had greater increases in markers of bone formation (including adiponectin), greater reduction markers of bone degradation (including leptin), greater increases in levels of circulating vitamin D, and greater decreases levels of circulating parathyroid hormone (associated with bone degradation when present in greater concentrations).
“To avoid deleterious consequences to their bone health, women who are attempting weight loss through dieting should practice consumption of more protein from dairy sources,” Phillips said.
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How can women make the most of the findings in this study? Isagenix IsaLean Shake is available as a handy, nutritious meal replacement containing high amounts of protein from dairy, as whey and casein, along with calcium and vitamin D. The shake is also low in lactose (milk sugar) and contains the digestive enzyme lactase for its easy digestion.
Enjoying one or two servings of IsaLean Shake daily, in combination with daily exercise, can promote healthy weight loss while strengthening muscles and bones.


Angie W. said...

I have heard many great things about getting enough calcium in your diet and the role that it plays in losing weight. It is good to know that a study backs this up. Getting enough protein in your diet can greatly help you with your weight loss goals.

Chris Hayden said...

I have seen a neighbour who almost hospitalized herself after she had undergone a weight loss program. of course that program was conducted by people who knew little about the bad effects sudden weight loss can cause if its not complimented with proper a diet to make it up for the calcium and other nutrient needs. Its so highly recommended to increase the amount of protein, calcium and Vitamin D in your diet while undergoing a weight loss program but unfortunately very few take care of all this.